Patient Impact Challenge

Trevor C

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD   CANADA’S CHOICE AWARD  Brampton, ON – My father was diagnosed with a terminal multiforme ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Cheryl-Anne S.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Beaconsfield, QC – As a patient who was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) almost 13 years ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Kathy B.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Toronto, ON – I became an ardent fan of health IT earlier this year. I believe a routine mammogram saved ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Alexandra T.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Halifax, NS – A horrific year of post-op infection after post-op infection eight surgeries on a single ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Kevin L.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Coquitlam, BC – From my first breath, to my childhood bout with pneumonia, to a brain scan while working ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Sheilagh H.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Hamilton, ON – I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago.  The computerized process used in my ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Sara N.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Morewood, ON – Information technology as it relates to our health as Canadians has changed for the better ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Kathryn W.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Toronto, ON – Deaf people and people with severe hearing loss are 4% of the population, but health care ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Tracie S.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Burnaby, BC – On July 15th, 2012 I lost my partner of 23 years to bladder cancer on what was to be our ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Allison M.

 PATIENT IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD  Barrie, ON – In 2007 my daughter was diagnosed with autism. Every day is a challenge for her and also for ... Read moreEn savoir plus