Data Impact Challenge II

Answering health care questions to support decision-making Following the successful first Data Impact Challenge, the ImagineNation team wanted another set of important health and health care questions to be answered to inform health care ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Data Impact Challenge

Challenging researchers and data analysts to add their piece to the health care puzzle! Answers to important health care questions hiding in existing data could help reimagine the future of evidence-informed decision making. The Data Impact ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Accelerate Challenge

The Accelerate Challenge was designed to help accelerate digital health use among patients and clinicians in an effort to boost patient care and foster health system improvements through greater use.Launched in October 2013, the Accelerate ... Read moreEn savoir plus

ImagineNation Ideas Challenge Rules

In addition to the guidelines outlined in the ImagineNation Ideas Challenge Handbook, the following rules and regulations apply: Rules and Regulations Awards There will be up to fifty-six (56) cash Awards available. Top 50 Awards There will be ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Outcomes Challenge Rules

Click here to dowload the Outcomes Challenge Rules PDF ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge (“Challenge”) Rules and Regulations September 15, 2011 Table of Contents 1 Challenge Statement 2 Challenge Timeline (all categories) 3 Challenge ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Ideas Challenge

Seeking the best ideas to improve health and health care The Ideas Challenge asked Canadians for bold new ideas to transform health care – how would they enhance access to services, improve quality of care delivery or make the system more ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Patient Impact Challenge

How has health IT improved your health, health care, or experience as a patient or caregiver? Technology is changing health care in Canada – whether we use digital health solutions directly or our health provider does, our experiences as ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Career Impact Challenge

How have public investments in digital health had an impact on you professionally? The Career Impact Challenge sought to capture the impact of public investment in digital health on the careers of Canadians. Canadians told us how public ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Business Impact Challenge

How have public investments in digital health made a business impact on your organization? The Business Impact Challenge captured how public investments in digital health have helped organizations grow, evolve, or better meet the needs of ... Read moreEn savoir plus

Outcomes Challenge

Challenging Canadian health care professionals to accelerate the use and growth of digital health solutions in their practices or organizations. The ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge is accelerating the use and spread of innovative solutions ... Read moreEn savoir plus