Data Impact Challenge Teams

Team A2I

Team bio: Analytics2Intelligence team specializes in ‘big’ health data analytics; deriving actionable insights using advance computational techniques to improve healthcare.

Entries: Question 1

Alberta Health Data Geeks

HealthyFamiliesHamiltonLogoTeam bio: Team of analysts from Alberta Health Methods and Analysis unit providing analysis to support healthcare decisions within Alberta and beyond.

Entries: Question 2, Question 6B, Question 6D, Question 6I

Alberta Laboratory Utilization Office

LightbulbTeam bio: The Alberta Health Services Laboratory Utilization Office provides data support and analyses regarding ‎laboratory test utilization in Alberta, and consists of researchers and operational leaders.

Entries: Question 1, Question 6E, Question 6F

ATC Reporting and Analytics Team

ATCTeam bio: A dynamic team of quirky individuals focused on reporting and analysis of surgery and diagnostic imaging wait times and efficiency data.

Entries: Question 2


AvengersTeam bio: Team Avengers comprises of scientists, analysts and epidemiologists from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES).

Entries: Question 2


BCCDCTeam bio: Team members are epidemiologists, medical microbiologists, and informatics specialists from within the BC Provincial Health Services Authority.

Entries: Question 1

Cape Horn

Cape Horn Team bio: Team Cape Horn is composed of Astrid Guttmann, Jun Guan, Longdi Fu, Helen Guo, and Xuesong Wang, and has been working on various aspects of health care reports and publications.

Entries: Question 6I


DynacareTeam bio: Our team, with representation from clinical, informatics, scientific and business development, is insightful and committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

Entries: Question 1


EMRALDTeam bio: Team comprises of Liisa Jaakkimainen, FP and Senior Scientist at ICES, Jacqueline Young, Health Informatician at ICES, Hong Lu, Analyst at ICES and Karen Tu, FP and Senior Scientist at ICES.

Entries: Question 3


FredSquareTeam bio: The FredSquare team work for Alberta Health in the Health Analytics Branch with several years experience in health data analytics.

Entries: Question 2, Question 3

Health Quality Innovation Collaborative

Health Quality Innovation CollaborativeTeam bio: The Health Quality Innovation Collaborative (HQIC) team is composed of clinicians, project managers, developers and a graphic artist.

Entries: Question 1, Question 6C, Question 6F, Question 6I

interRAI Canada

interRAI CanadaTeam bio: The interRAI Canada team focuses on promoting innovations in data, evidence, and application systems for the health and social service sectors, supporting improved practice and policy.

Entries:Question 6D

interRAIders (of the lost data)

interRAI CanadaTeam bio:Five University of Waterloo, School of Public Health and Health Systems students (and their supervisor) working to improve the medical management and quality of life of Canadian older adults.

Entries: Question 6C

Lower Mainland Laboratory Services

Lower Mainland Laboratory ServicesTeam bio: Our team (2 medical biochemists, the LMLS Vice-president, and the PHSA Director of LIS) enjoys utilizing data analysis as a tool to improve patient care.

Entries: Question 6E

Manitoba Primary Care Research Network

Manitoba Primary Care Research NetworkTeam bio: Manitoba Primary Care Research Network (MaPCReN), the University of Manitoba’s affiliate of the Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCSSN)

Entries: Question 5, Question 6F


North York FHT - UTOPIAN CPCSSNTeam bio: Suja Arackal, Marjan Moeineddin and Michelle Greiver are members of the Information Management Team at the NYFHT. Babak Aliarzadeh is the Data Manager, UTOPIAN PBRN.

Entries: Question 6F, Question 6I

Ontario Drug Policy Research Network

Ontario Drug Policy Research NetworkTeam bio: As members of the Rapid Response Unit of the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network team, they leverage administrative data housed at ICES to quickly respond to research requests.

Entries: Question 6D

Ottawa Hospital Performance Measurement

Ottawa Hospital Performance Measurement Team bio:This team is a dynamic, deductive, data-loving performance measurement team, specialized in analytics & research for health system improvement.

Entries: Question 2, Question 3, Question 6E, Question 6G, Question 6H

St. Michael’s Hospital Medical Imaging

St. Michael's Hospital Medical ImagingTeam bio: The St. Michael’s Hospital Medical Imaging team is comprised of radiologists and data scientists with strong technical backgrounds and a passion for innovating in healthcare.

Entries: Question 6B

Team Fiscally Responsible

Team Fiscally ResponsibleTeam bio: Team of ICES Epidemiologists, Analysts, and Clinicians studying cardiovascular disease prevention and management of Canadians

Entries: Question 6F

Team ICES UofT

Team ICES UofTTeam bio: ICES UofT, located at the University of Toronto (U of T), is a satellite site of ICES, a not-for-profit health research institute.

Entries: Question 6D


Team NLCHITeam bio: Team NLCHI consists of staff from the Health Analytics and Evaluation Services Department, Newfoundland and the Labrador Centre for Health Information in St. John’s, NL.
Entries: Question 6I

Treat Cancer WISely

Treat Cancer WISelyTeam bio: Team Treat Cancer WISely: Clinical and methodological researchers from WCRI, ICES and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with interest in screening practices.

Entries: Question 6A


UTOPIANTeam bio: Drs Frank Sullivan, Michelle Greiver and Babak Aliarzadeh are members of UTOPIAN, with interest in using EMR data for clinical research and quality improvement.

Entries: Question 6C

Western π-rates

Western π-ratesTeam bio: We are an interdisciplinary team of physicians, biostatisticians, and epidemiologists with a vision to create information that increases healthcare efficiency and improves patient safety.

Entries: Question 1, Question 2