Data Impact Challenge II Award Recipients Announced!

April 26, 201626 Apr 2016

Six teams comprised of clinicians, academics, researchers, epidemiologists and data analysts, used existing Canadian data sets to answer pressing health care questions, and are each receiving their portion of awards available in the Data Impact Challenge II.

The first Data Impact Challenge showed it’s possible to access existing untapped data quickly to inform decision making. Based on the success of the first Challenge, the Data Impact Challenge II was launched in December 2015. The Challenge rolled out in three stages: question submission, voting and answer submission.

You Ask: Question Submission

All Canadians were invited to submit questions to be included in the Data Impact Challenge II.

You Choose: Voting

Canadians were invited to vote on the questions they would like to see answered.

Teams Answer: Answer Submission

Teams were invited to register and analyze their data and prepare their answer submissions.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Best Answer Awards – $10,000 each

  • Team Bugs, Toronto
  • CASPAR (Consortium of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs Against Resistance), Toronto
  • Ontario Opioid Investigators, Toronto
  • ICES Western, London
  • MOXXI-McGill, Montreal
  • SAS, Toronto

Judges Choice – $10,000

  • ICES Western, London

Speed Bonus – $5,000

  • Team BUGS, Toronto

Participating teams answered difficult and important questions spanning various topics such as:

  • What proportion of acute opioid users become chronic users?
  • What proportion of Canadian youth post about their mental health
  • To what extent do re-prescribing and re-dispensing culprit drugs contribute to the burden of adverse drug events?

Submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges.  To see the full results of the Challenge, including team biographies and submissions, visit the Challenge page.

ImagineNation Challenges is celebrating its 5th Anniversary, and has run 10 Challenges and distributed over $2.3 million in awards. Together, the community of Challenge participants have answered health care questions, adopted and spread the use of new technologies and put their best ideas forward – all with the aim of trying something innovative in order to improve the patient experience and outcome. Visit our website to see news and upcoming activities to celebrate the 5th Anniversary.