Data Impact Challenge II

AwardsPrix :
$80,000 awarded

Challenge closed

Answering health care questions to support decision-making

Following the successful first Data Impact Challenge, the ImagineNation team wanted another set of important health and health care questions to be answered to inform health care decision-making.

First, all Canadians were invited to submit, and then vote on, the health care questions that they wanted to see in the Challenge.

Once the slate of questions were announced, authorized users of health data sets were invited to answer them for the potential to earn part of the more than $95,000 in awards.

Award Recipients

Best Answer Awards – $10,000 each

Team BUGS, Toronto
CASPAR, Toronto
Ontario Opioid Investigators, Toronto
ICES Western, London
MOXXI-McGill, Montreal
SAS, Toronto

Judges’ Choice – $10,000

ICES Western, London

Speed Bonus – $5,000

Team BUGS, Toronto

Challenge Questions and Team Entries

Below are links to the full text of the Challenge Questions, summaries of the results found by participating teams, and the submitted entries.

The Challenge Questions, created in partnership with our supporting organizations, sought answers on the following health care topics:

Adverse Drug Events
Antimicrobial Consumption
Youth Mental Health
Unfilled Prescriptions
Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
Chronic Opioid Use
ACE Inhibitors and ARBs

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