Data Impact Challenge Question 6g

Question 6g: How frequently is preoperative testing (such as chest X-rays, echocardiograms, or cardiac stress tests) conducted for patients undergoing low-risk surgeries? (Relates to Choosing Wisely Canada Internal Medicine recommendation #5)

Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Canadian national specialty societies participating in the campaign, representing a broad spectrum of physicians, were asked to develop lists of “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.” These lists identify tests, treatments or procedures commonly used in each specialty, which are not supported by evidence, and/or could expose patients to unnecessary harm. Increasing understanding of the frequency with which care does or does not follow these recommendations could support targeted improvement and potentially could impact policy interventions.


Through the Data Impact Challenge, one submission was received in response to this question from an Ontario hospital. The submission was received eight weeks following the Challenge launch date.

The submission focused its scope of analysis on approximately 12,000 Cesarean-section patients who underwent a complete blood count, blood type or antibody screen test.

Guiding Specifications

Sample: Minimum sample size of 10,000 discharges.
Timeframe: Analysis should include at least six months of data.

Participating Team

Ottawa Hospital Performance Management

Team bio: This team is a dynamic, deductive, data-loving performance measurement team, specialized in analytics & research for health system improvement
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