Data Impact Challenge Question 6i

Question 6i: For what portion of adults is an annual physical exam conducted in any given year? (Relates to Choosing Wisely Canada Family Medicine recommendation #8)

Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Canadian national specialty societies participating in the campaign, representing a broad spectrum of physicians, were asked to develop lists of “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.” These lists identify tests, treatments or procedures commonly used in each specialty, which are not supported by evidence, and/or could expose patients to unnecessary harm. Increasing understanding of the frequency with which care does or does not follow these recommendations could support targeted improvement and potentially could impact policy interventions.


Five answers were submitted in response to this question. The first submission was received within two-weeks following the Challenge launch date. The geographic scopes included all of Ontario, Alberta, and Newfoundland, as well as medium to large health organizations located in Ontario. The scope of exams included inpatient and outpatient, and the aggregate sample size for all submissions was approximately 23.5 million exams.

Guiding Specifications

Sample: Minimum sample size of 10,000 discharges.
Timeframe: Analysis should include at least six months of data.

Participating Team

Alberta Health Data Geeks

Team bio: Team of analysts from Alberta Health Methods and Analysis unit providing analysis to support healthcare decisions within Alberta and beyond.
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Cape Horn

Team bio: Team Cape Horn is composed of Astrid Guttmann, Jun Guan, Longdi Fu, Helen Guo, and Xuesong Wang, and has been working on various aspects of health care reports and publications.
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Health Quality Innovation Collaborative

Team bio: The Health Quality Innovation Collaborative (HQIC) team is composed of clinicians, project managers, developers and a graphic artist.
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Team bio: Suja Arackal, Marjan Moeineddin and Michelle Greiver are members of the Information Management Team at the NYFHT. Babak Aliarzadeh is the Data Manager, UTOPIAN PBRN.
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Team bio: Team NLCHI consists of staff from the Health Analytics and Evaluation Services Department, Newfoundland and the Labrador Centre for Health Information in St. John’s, NL
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