e-Connect Impact Challenge

AwardsPrix :
$936,015 awarded

Challenge closed

Challenging health providers across Canada to connect digitally with their patients and each other.

The e-Connect Impact Challenge rewards innovative teams comprised of health providers that use and improve solutions in four distinct categories:

e-Visits: Private, secure and digital two-way interactions between a patient and their health care provider available from the patient’s home.

e-Requests for Prescription Renewals or Refills:  Electronic requests by patients for the renewal or refilling of their prescription medication, sent to a regulated health care provider.

e-Requests for Services: Electronic requisitions from one regulated health care provider to another for the purpose of requesting health care services on behalf of a patient.

e-Reports of Services: Reports containing patient health information generated, transmitted, and received electronically, sent from one health care provider to another for the purposes of aiding in the care of a patient.

Overall Awards Recipients

First Place
Equinoxe LifeCare’s Virtual Clinic (Montreal, QC)

Second Place
Community MD (Brampton, ON)

e-Requests for Prescription Renewals or Refills
First place
Community MD (Brampton, ON)

e-Requests for Services
First place
Oshawa Clinic (Oshawa, ON)

Second place (tie)
Community MD (Brampton, ON)
The Champlain BASE e-Consult Service (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation) eConsult Service (Ottawa, ON)

e-Reports of Services
First Place (tie)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, ON)
Interior Health Authority (Kelowna, BC)

Third Place
Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant eHealth Office (Hamilton/Niagara/Haldimand/Brant region, ON)

Quality Impact Report Award Recipients

Braun Perio (Vaughan, ON)
Cognisant MD (Toronto, ON)
Community MD (Brampton, ON)
Consult Conduit (Toronto, ON)
MiDASH (Brampton, ON)
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Whitby, ON)