FAQ – Career Impact Challenge

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What do you mean by 'impact'?

For the Career Impact Challenge, the impact must be something that affected your career. Digital health may have affected your day-to-day work tasks, but what is the effect on how you care for patients? Your job prospects? Your skill set? The role you play in your organization?

What is digital health/health IT?

Digital health or health information technology (IT) describe solutions that use computers and other electronic devices (e.g. smart phones) to store, access, share and automate many facets of the health care system. One way to look at it is moving from analog (paper) to digital.

What are public investments in digital health?

The Career Impact and Business Impact challenges ask you to describe the impact of public investments in digital health on your career or organization. For these challenges, public investments are any investment in health information technology made by a public entity, such as the federal government, a provincial or territorial government, or a local government, or Canada Health Infoway. Examples of public investments in digital health could include funding programs for electronic medical records in primary care practices, grants for researchers, or setting up telemedicine centers in remote areas.

How might public investments in digital health affect my career?

Maybe you worked on a project implementing a new digital health solution, and in the process your skills were upgraded, boosting your career. Or maybe your experience using a digital health solution (which benefited from public investment) as a clinician or support staff meant that you started to mentor others, undertake research, or provide a new type of service to your patients. Did a digital health solution change the type of work that you do, opening up new avenues of employment or professional development? You may not have considered it before, but there are many ways the process of implementing and using digital health tools could have an impact on your career.

My story is just like a lot of others; should I still submit?

Yes. Every story is important and unique to your circumstances and environment. Also, remember that there are draw awards in addition to judged awards, so every submission has the chance to earn an award.

I worked with a team and we were all affected the same way. Should we submit together?

Submissions to the Career Impact Challenge can be made by individuals only. Every person’s experience will be different, and they will describe the impact differently, making the submissions unique and individually valuable. Please encourage your team members to also submit their stories.

What information is available to judges when they are reviewing submissions?

Judges will see the submission and full name of the entrant. This is in order for judges to determine whether they need to declare a conflict of interest and refrain from judging a particular entry.

Can I enter in more than one challenge?

Yes, as long as your submissions address the relevant challenge question for each challenge.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, individuals or organizations can enter multiple submissions in the same challenge as long as each submission is unique.

Why are you collecting these stories?

We know digital health has already made an impact on the health care system, creating efficiencies and improving quality. But we want to go beyond the statistics – better understanding and sharing examples of the impact it can have on Canadians, whether in their roles as patients, caregivers, professionals, or as part of an organization or business.

How do I learn more about digital health in Canada?

Every day, more of Canada’s health care system goes digital. To learn more about digital health and how it can work for you, visit BetterHealthTogether.ca.