FAQ – Data Impact Challenge

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What is the Data Impact Challenge?

ImagineNation Challenges is tasking authorized users of data sets to seek answers to important questions about our health and health system. The questions originated from issues identified through Infoway activities and Choosing Wisely Canada, and were refined with the help of our supporting organizations, including CIHI.

Researchers and analysts are invited to participate individually or as a team, to answer any one or all six of the Challenges’ questions for an opportunity to earn a share of up to $80,000 in awards.

The submissions will be evaluated based on a weighting system of 50 per cent speed to submit results and 50 per cent quality of response.

The awards include:

    • First Place Award (best combined score for any question) – $20,000
    • Runner-up Awards (next best combined score for a question not yet awarded) – $10,000 x 5
    • Acceptable Answer Draw (all submissions which are judged to have answered the question, but have not received another award) – $2,000 x 5

What’s the purpose of the Challenge?

The purpose of the Data Impact Challenge is to explore a new approach to providing evidence-informed responses and information to key opinion leaders and influencers, as well, to raise awareness of the opportunities to use health data appropriately and effectively to improve our healthcare system.

What is Infoway getting out of it?

The Data Impact Challenge questions are based on important issues identified through Infoway’s investments, research and activities. The findings will provide evidence to inform health policy discussions, and encourage future research in these areas. It will also allow us and our partners to identify new opportunities to unleash the value of health data sets.

Why should I participate in this Challenge?

By participating in the Data Impact Challenge, your work can help develop a new approach to providing evidence-based responses and information to key opinion leaders and influencers that could support policy changes. In addition to helping improve the Canadian health care system, your team will be profiled in various outlets including, the ImagineNation Challenges’ website and potentially in media materials, including articles and news releases.

Who can participate?

To answer one or more of the questions, participants must reside in Canada and report on relevant Canadian health data sets. While some health data sets are publicly available, most are held by authorized users of data sets, such as a research organization, ministry of health or health care provider organization. Participants must be authorized to the access data sets required to answer one or more of the questions and be authorized to share the findings.

When can I join the Data Impact Challenge?

Teams can register and submit their research between May 12, 2015 and July 15, 2015 3:00 p.m. ET. The challenge questions will be released on May 12, 2015 12:00 p.m. ET.

Participants must have authorization to use the data for the purposes of the Challenge, comply with all applicable guidelines and processes related to the data sets being used (e.g. privacy rules, ethics approval), and be authorized to agree to public sharing of the research and findings.

Parties ineligible to participate include: directors, officers, employees and agents of Canada Health Infoway and their immediate family members, as well as all persons with whom they reside, and directors, officers, employees and agents of the Federal Government, or any or its departments, agencies or crown organizations. To see a full list of ineligible parties, view the Challenge rules and /or contact innovation@infoway-inforoute.ca

How do I register for the initiative?

The team leader can sign up online beginning May 12 and invite team members to join by filling in the form. As soon as the work is completed, teams should enter their answer(s) to the Challenge website, using the Answer Submission Template. At the close of the challenge, the submissions will be scored by our judges.

How many questions do I have to answer? How many questions can be answered in the Challenge?

Participants can choose to answer as many questions as they wish, but must submit separate results for each question answered using the Answer Submission Template. Teams are eligible to receive more than one award.

What criteria will be used by judges to assess the results?

A panel of judges will be recruited through Infoway and supporting organizations to assess each submission. The submissions will be scored against the criteria below, and the specifications for the question being answered described in the ‘Data Impact Challenge Question Set’. Speed of submission accounts for 50% of the scoring; the other 50% will be based on the judges’ assessment against the quality criteria.
Judges will review and rate independently, and all judging scores will be averaged.

How are the recipients selected?

A panel of judges recruited through Infoway and supporting organizations will judge each submission. The submissions will be scored against the criteria, and the specifications for the question being answered described in the ‘Data Impact Challenge Question Set’. Speed of submission accounts for 50% of the scoring. The other 50% will be based on the judges’ assessment against the quality criteria.

What is the Ask the Expert option and how do I submit a question or my entry to be reviewed by data experts before I submit it for judging?

Teams can choose to have one question answered or one entry reviewed by a panel of data sets experts recruited by Infoway before they submit it for judging.

The first 10 teams to send their entry to experts@infoway-inforoute.ca for review will receive feedback from the experts within three business days. The experts can give feedback on the study design, data analysis procedures, or submission write-up, for example.

Requests must be made by June 10, and will receive feedback within 5 business days. Requesting feedback does not change the submission date recorded for the entry; the submission date is the date it is uploaded in the Challenge site.

Questions about the Challenge should still be directed to innovation@infoway-inforoute.ca.

How will the materials submitted for the Challenge and results be used and shared?

All materials submitted will be publicly shared through the ImagineNation Challenges website and other communication channels. All participants will need to confirm compliance with the requirement for public release of materials in their submission.

How do I know if I’m allowed to use data for this challenge and what are the requirements related to Privacy & Security?

All non-media inquiries can be made by contacting us here. Each authorized users of data sets’ organization will have their own processes and requirements for appropriate use of its data assets. These may include internal approvals; ethics review board approval or other processes. In submitting the research, and later the results, participants will need to attest that they are in compliance with all processes and requirements associated with the data sets they use. Neither the protocol nor the results should include data which is not appropriate for public dissemination. For more information, read the rules.

If my team receives an award, who does the award go to?

When the team leader registers, he or she will indicate the recipient person or organization for any awards. Further distribution of any award is the responsibility of the recipient.

To whom should we direct questions about the Data Impact Challenge?

Questions about the Challenge can be directed innovation@infoway-inforoute.ca.

I’m having problems with the site, who should I contact?

If you are having problems with the site, or have any other questions, please contact innovation@infoway-inforoute.ca or phone: 1-888-733-6462 / (416) 979-4606.

When will we know about the award recipients?

The award recipients will be announced in Fall 2015.

How much detail should be included in the data analysis approach?

It is recommended that enough information is included within the approach that the judges will be able to review it against the evaluation criteria. Specifically, consider including rationale regarding the quality of the data and why it is relevant, as well as its representativeness and if/how you were innovative with the data analysis.

There is no limit to the length of the submissions, but it is anticipated that each submission will likely be in the 1 – 2 pages range.

Should the submission include charts and how much detail should they have?

Charts may be beneficial in demonstrating the data, but they are not mandatory. The judges will review each submission against the evaluation criteria (e.g. quality of data, representativeness and innovation), so it is recommended that enough detail is included to support this effort.

Where do I get access to data sets?

Infoway does not provide access to any data sets. Teams must be authorized to access and use the data sets appropriate to answer one of the Challenge questions. Team members are responsible for ensuring that their submissions comply with the rules of the Challenge.