FAQ – E-Connect Impact Challenge

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When can I join the e-Connect Impact Challenge?

Registration for the e-Connect Impact Challenge closed on March 31, 2015 at 3 p.m. ET.

When will teams know if they are an award recipient?

All awards will be announced this spring. Results are pending the final participants reporting, along with the Quality Impact Awards judging. Once the recipients have been identified, teams will be contacted.

Can the decisions of the judges be disputed?

All decisions regarding this Challenge and the selection of the award recipients are final and without any right of appeal.

Who can participate?

Teams using solutions in any of the four challenge categories and located in Canada, are welcome to join. Federal government sites may participate in the Challenge but are not eligible to receive any cash Awards. People employed by Infoway or Idea Crossing, and challenge judges, as well as their immediate families (a spouse, a common law partner, his or her dependent children as well as the dependent children of his or her spouse or common-law partner) and persons with whom they reside, are not eligible to participate. People employed by supporting organizations cannot be a team leader or site lead, but may be a team member.

Are individuals allowed to participate?

If they meet all the requirements, individuals are welcome to register themselves as a “team”.

If my organization has received investment money from Infoway, may it participate in the Challenge?

Yes. Receiving investment from Infoway does not affect eligibility to participate in the challenge.

How do I enter a Team?

Only the team leader needs to complete the registration form. As team leader, you will be able to invite team members to join your team. Those invited by the team leader will then register using a link provided in an email.

How do Site Leads register?

Site Leads will receive an email invitation containing a link to a registration form. It is important that the Team Leader tells them that they are a Site Lead. When the Site Lead completes the registration form they will need to tick the ‘Are you a Site Lead’ box and complete the information requested.

My facility is already using this technology. Can I still enter?

Yes! The Challenge is meant to encourage you to increase the use and spread of the solution, to improve quality, and to share lessons learned with your peers.

How many categories can I enter?

You may enter a team in one or up to all four categories. In fact, the Draw for a Bundle is an award for organizations with multiple teams in the challenge.

How do I enter multiple categories?

When a team leader registers the Team, they fill out information for one category on the form, and check the box “Yes, I am interested in registering for multiple categories”. We will get in touch to register the additional teams.

What counts as a regulated health profession or regulated health professional?

The challenge follows the legislation or regulations of the jurisdiction (province or territory) in which the site is located.

Where can I get more information about the four categories?

Information about the four categories including examples can be found in on the Challenge website in the Categories section.

We’re not sure if our solution meets the requirements, or if we can count what is needed to be counted. What should we do?

First, we suggest that you review the details in the Challenge Rules. If you still have questions, contact us by phone or email.

For the Quality Plan and Quality Impact Report, may I submit additional materials or information to support my entry?

All No, only your 3-page plan and video are allowed.

If my Team receives an award, who does the award go to?

When the team leader registers, he or she will indicate the recipient organization for any award. All distribution of awards beyond this recipient organization is up to the team.

As a Team Leader, how do I check to see if all my team members are officially registered?

Please log into the system with your Email ID and Password and click on the “My Team” menu option. Then, select Members from the Team Profile tab. If you see “Invited” next to any of your team members’ names, this means the team member has not completed the registration process. Click the “Resend Invitation” envelope icon to resend your email invitation to the team member. Please follow up with the team member to make sure they have received the invitation and that it did not end up in their spam filter.

As a Team Leader, how can I add/delete a team member or change their personal information?

To invite a new team member, click on the “My Team” menu option and select “Members” from the Team Profile tab. To delete a current team member, click the “Trash” icon to the right of the individual’s name.

Can a site belong to more than one team?

No, a site participating in a particular category can only belong to one team in a category.

Can a site join a team using a different solution?

Yes, a team may contain sites using different solutions. If a site joins a team but is using a different solution from that described in the team’s registration, the differences in the solution must be documented.

Can someone be site lead for more than one site?

Yes, if that person has authority to act for the respective organization(s) associated with both sites.

Why do you need to verify?

To preserve the integrity of the e-Connect Impact Challenge, Infoway reserves the right to verify information submitted by participants. This is to ensure fairness, accuracy and fidelity to the Rules.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen. Enter your Email ID into the form provided. A new link to reset your password will be sent to your email address. Please remember that this password is case sensitive (i.e., upper and lower cases matter). If you receive an error message that says “Unable to find your user login and/or unable to verify password,” please send us an email at innovation@infoway-inforoute.ca with “Reset Password” in the subject line.

Why have I not received my login and password?

If you are using an email service that has a Junk Mail filter such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, your login and password information may have been filtered out as Junk Mail. Please check your Bulk/Junk Mail folder to find the invitation email. If you require further assistance, please send an email to info@imaginenationchallenge.ca with “Login Info” in the subject line.

Who owns the intellectual property?

Participating in the Challenge does not affect who owns the intellectual property of the solution that your team is using. As a team in the challenge, Infoway may share information you have submitted to the challenge, such as descriptions of your solution and your team profile.

Does Canada Health Infoway pay for the implementation of these solutions?

The awards recognize those who are implementing solutions in the priority areas, with the goal of accelerating the replication and spread of these solutions, and improving their quality. The challenge does not pay for initial implementation.

To whom should we direct questions about the e-Connect Impact Challenge?

All non-media inquiries can be made by contacting us here. Media inquiries can be made to Dan Strasbourg, Director of Media Relations at Canada Health Infoway – (416) 595-3424 or dstrasbourg@infoway-inforoute.ca.