How to Participate

This page summarizes the process of joining and participating in the e-Connect Challenge. If you have questions about the process, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions in the sidebar, or you can always contact us.

Steps to qualify:

    1. Check your team’s eligibility
    2. Register your team
    3. Receive confirmation

After qualifying:

    1. Invite team members (if necessary)
    2. Track and report your monthly progress
    3. Distribute System and Use surveys
    4. Submit a Quality Plan and Quality Impact Report
    5. Learn and Share

Steps to qualify

1. Check your team’s eligibility

Teams must have one or more sites that deliver the services of regulated health providers in Canada and are using a solution in one of the four challenge categories. A team can include one or many people. Each team will have one team leader who can be supported by team members. See more details on eligibility here.

Each team must have at least one team member who is a:

  • regulated health providers licensed to practice in Canada; or
  • representative of a health care organization that delivers the services of regulated health providers in Canada (e.g. hospital or clinic); or
  • representative of a health care organization that provides publicly funded health services in Canada.

If team has multiple sites, each site must have one team member who fits one of the above criteria.

2. Register your team

Team leaders register the team by submitting information about the solution, submitting materials that demonstrate how the solution works, and entering baseline data on its current use.

  1. Select categories – Organizations are encouraged to enter as many of the four categories as possible – e-visits, e-requests for prescription renewal and refill, e-requests for services, and e-reports. Teams in multiple categories are eligible for a special incentive, the Draw for a Bundle. If an organization participates in multiple categories but wants to use different team leaders, they can register teams separately. Note that a particular use cannot be counted by more than one team.
  2. Demonstrate your solution – Teams must submit material that demonstrates that the solution meets the requirements of their challenge category. (Details provided in Categories section). Teams may do this by submitting up to two documents, such as screen captures and a description, or by the submission of a brief video demonstration (click here for demonstration video requirements).
    NOTE: Teams that do not submit a demonstration video upon qualification must submit a video before receiving any award.
  3. Submit baseline data – For each category entered, teams must submit the appropriate baseline data, which is the number of uses during the previous calendar month, and, for the e-visit and e-request for prescription renewal or refill categories, the total number of users of the solution to date. For example, in the e-visits category, teams registering in January would provide the number of e-visits in December and number of registered patient users as of December 31.

3. Receive confirmation of qualification

Once a team’s completed registration form is submitted on the challenge website, Infoway will review it for completeness and adherence to the rules. The team leader will be notified by email or phone when the team has been qualified by Infoway. The date of qualification is considered to be the date on which the form was submitted, regardless of when Infoway contacts the team leader. However, if any material is missing or must be resubmitted, the date of qualification is the date by which all necessary materials had been submitted.

After qualifying

1. Invite team members to register

After qualification, team leaders can sign into the site and invite Site Leads and other team members to join the team. All Site Leads must complete the online registration form before their site’s data is counted towards the team’s results.

2. Track and Report your Progress Monthly

Once qualified, teams must report their data monthly via the challenge website, no later than by the 11:59 p.m. ET of the 20th day of the following month. Any data not submitted by the deadline will not be counted towards the team’s totals for determining awards. For example, to report the data for July, teams have until August 20th to enter data on the website. For details on monthly reporting please refer to details outlined in the rules. Note: Infoway reserves the right to audit all information submitted to the challenge.

3. Distribute System and Use Surveys

All qualified teams are encouraged to distribute the online System and Use survey specific to their category to their users. To be eligible for awards requiring System and Use Survey completion, teams must meet the survey completion minimums for both the baseline and follow-up periods. The baseline period is January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014, or the 90 days after the team qualifies, whichever is later. The follow-up period is January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015. Click here for System and Use survey details.

View System and Use surveys on the Categories page.

4. Submit a Quality Plan and a Quality Impact Report

Teams have the opportunity to receive awards for submitting two three-page documents during the challenge. Submitted in June 2014, the Quality Plan makes use of the baseline System and Use survey results to assess the current quality of the solution, and describes what the team will do to improve. Submitted in April 2015, the Quality Impact Report makes use of the System and Use survey follow-up results to report on the improvements the team was able to attain during the challenge.

5. Learn and Share

Throughout the challenge, Infoway and other national organizations supporting the challenge will offer free educational and networking opportunities Teams will have the opportunity to share their experiences and lessons learned with others.