How to Participate

  1. Team leaders register their teams.
  2. Team leaders can invite team members to join using the challenge platform.
  3. Teams must submit their entry through the challenge website before the deadline at 3:00 pm ET on December 15, 2016.
  4. The team’s entry must be in English and/or French.
  5. Teams may submit multiple initiatives to the challenge, as long as each initiative is unique and is entered through a separate registration process.

Submission Requirements

Teams can submit their LEADing Practice Challenge entry as a PowerPoint presentation or a video with an accompanying written transcript.  Eligible teams must register and complete their entry before 3 pm ET on December 15, 2016.

All entries must include the following elements:

  1. Description of the consumer digital health solution(s) that the team has implemented, including solution name(s) and vendor name(s).
  2. Description of how the team’s practice was transformed in order to adopt the consumer digital health solutions, and any change management activities used to aid this process.
  3. Description of how the team’s activities support new models of care that incorporate the use of consumer digital health technologies to enhance patient empowerment and engagement.
  4. Description of results of the team’s use of consumer digital health solutions on the patient experience, patient empowerment, and on keeping the patient central in care.
  5. Testimonial account from at least one clinician and one patient on how the team’s activities have affected their experience as a clinician or as a patient. The patient whose account is included may remain anonymous, if desired.

PowerPoint presentation requirements

  1. Size of the file must not exceed 100MB.
  2. Maximum presentation length of 15 slides.
  3. The Notes section of the slide may be used to describe content of the slide.

Video requirements

  1. Video must not exceed 6 minutes.
  2. Video file of no more than 100MB must be uploaded to the Challenge website.
  3. Video must be accessible to the public on YouTube., with the link submitted in the entry form.
  4. Video must meet the Terms of Service of, including copyright terms.
  5. Video entry must be accompanied by a written transcript.