How to Participate

After a participant registers, they will be able to complete their Engaged Patient Entry Form, which consists of the below four questions. Participants can log in to their profile to edit their answers at any time, but must submit by September 19 at 3pm ET.

  • How does digital health support patients/caregivers to become more active participants in their health care? (500 characters limit)
  • Share an experience where digital health had an impact, or could have had an impact, on you as a patient, caregiver or family member. (500 characters limit)
  • The theme of the 2016 Infoway Partnership Conference is “A Conversation About Digital Health”. How do you believe you can contribute to the conversation? (500 characters limit)
  • How will you apply and share what you learn from Digital Health Week and the 2016 Infoway Partnership Conference? (500 characters limit)