LEADing Practice Challenge

AwardsPrix :
$12,000 awarded

Challenge closed

LEADing the way with consumer digital health

A LEADing Practice exemplifies the ability to improve the patient experience, and represents the best practice characteristics for use in clinical practice by Learning from others; Exemplifying benefits; Accelerating adoption; and Delivering results.

The Challenge

The LEADing Practices Challenge recognized clinical practices that use consumer digital health technology to improve the patient experience.

The Challenge was open to any health care team in Canada that has implemented one or more consumer health digital technologies. Consumer digital health technologies include solutions or applications that enable Canadians to collect, retrieve, manage, use and share their personal health information or other health-related data with health care providers. These technologies enhance the collaboration between patients and health care providers by seamlessly connecting the patient and the care team, regardless of distance, location or time.


Three teams received LEADing Practice Awards:

First Place: Magenta Health ($6,000)
Second Place: myUHN Patient Portal ($4,000)
Third Place: Citizen Health Information Portal ($2,000)
Total: $12,000

About the LEADing Practices Initiative

More clinicians across Canada are using and benefiting from digital health than ever before. For three years, the LEADing Practices Initiative has been seeking out exemplary clinical practices to profile their adoption and use of digital health technologies in patient care. This year, the LEADing Practices Initiative has partnered with the ImagineNation Challenges to focus on consumer digital health technology.