New “Challenge Champion” Award

March 21, 201321 Mar 2013

The ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge team is pleased to announce the new Challenge Champion award. This award is being introduced to recognize entire teams or individual team members for their outstanding contributions to the Challenge.

We invite all qualified Challenge teams to nominate either their whole team, or an individual team member for the Challenge Champion award. All nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges – the teams with the top three stories will receive an award of $1,000 each and will have their stories featured on the Challenge website.

How do I nominate a Challenge Champion?

To nominate your team or an individual member of your team, simply submit a brief story (250 words maximum) describing how your nominee contributed to your Challenge team’s success to by 12 noon ET on Friday, April 12, 2013. Please also include a photo of the team or nominee.

Who is eligible?

Any registered member of a qualified Challenge team can nominate their team or an individual member of their team as a “Challenge Champion”. One nomination per team will be eligible. Members of one-person teams can self-nominate.

Please contact for more information.