How to Participate

This page summarizes the process of joining and participating in the Public Health Social Media Challenge. If you have questions about the process, you can always contact us.

To qualify:

  1. Sign up your team
  2. Register your initiative
  3. Spread the word

After qualifying:

  1. Execute and measure
  2. Submit Final Report

To Qualify

1. Sign up your team

Eligible teams can sign up here beginning on February 26, 2014. To be eligible to join the challenge, check if you meet the following criteria:


–  A team must have a lead organization that is:

  • A public health institution or authority responsible for the delivery of public health services in Canada; or
  • A public health institution or authority that is responsible for the health promotion function of government; or
  • A similar organization, as approved in writing by Infoway.

–  Each team has a team leader who is the primary point of contact for the team.
–  Lead organizations may invite other organizations or individuals to join the team.


– The key messages of the social media initiative must be primarily aimed at improving the health of a segment of the Canadian public, including the social determinants of health.
– The initiative must be targeted beyond the staff or members of the organizations on the team.
– The messages must adhere to the best available evidence on the health issue that is the focus of the initiative.
– Initiatives must not infringe on intellectual property rights, and must be consistent with relevant legislation, regulations, and professional standards, including privacy and anti-spam laws.
– The initiative must be active during at least part of the challenge period of February 26, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

Organizations may submit multiple initiatives to the challenge, as long as each initiative is entered separately.

2. Register your initiative

Team leaders register the initiative by logging in to the challenge website and submitting the initiative details in the registration form. The required details are:

  • The name of the initiative.
  • The public health issue(s) that the initiative targets.
  • The initiative’s targeted audience and an estimate of the size of the target audience, with an explanation of how the estimate was calculated.
  • An indication of whether the target audience is regional, provincial/territorial or national.
  • The intended outcomes of the initiative in measurable, public health terms.
  • A list of objective measure(s) that can be used to verifiably evaluate the virulence and effectiveness of the initiative.
  • A “preferred metric”: the metric the team considers to be best suited to measure the initiative’s intended results.

Once all required items for qualification are submitted to the challenge website, Infoway will review them for completeness and adherence to the rules. Once a team is deemed qualified by Infoway, the team leader will be notified by email or phone.

3. Spread the word

Teams that qualify by March 26, 2014 can earn ballots towards the Early Participation Incentive of $1,000 by spreading the word about the challenge. See full details in the Awards section.

After Qualifying

1. Execute and measure

Execute the plan for your initiative and spread your message. While your initiative is running, be sure to track its progress using the appropriate metrics, especially those you submitted during registration. These measures will help you demonstrate your initiative’s success and impress the judges. All activity between February 26 and September 30 can be counted in the challenge.

2. Submit Final Report

By the Final Report deadline of September 30, 2014, each team must submit a Final Report of no more than two pages. The report will contain a recap of the initiative, the results of the metrics the team described in registration including the team’s “preferred metric”, and the key lessons learned throughout the process. Final Report details are outlined in the rules. Our distinguished panel of communications experts, public health experts, citizen representatives, and other leaders will then select the award recipients. See the Awards page for the award categories and criteria.