Public Health Social Media FAQ

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When can I join the Public Health Social Media Challenge?

The Challenge period of February 26 to September 30, 2014 has ended. Registration is now closed.

What kinds of initiatives were accepted for entry?

Initiatives involving eligible public health organizations, that use social media to improve public health were welcome to join however, the registration period is now closed.

What do you mean by “viral”?

Going “viral” is a term used to denote something that has spread rapidly on the internet from one person to others, gaining widespread popularity. Likely measures for how “viral” an initiative has gone may include the number of hits, the number of shares, or the number of user posts related to the initiative.

How was social media defined in this Challenge?

This Challenge defined social media as the interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in online communities and networks. Examples of social media may include:
1. Microblogs (for example, Twitter)
2. Social news networking sites (for example, Digg and Reddit)
3. Content communities (for example, YouTube and Pinterest)
4. Social networking sites (for example, Facebook and Instagram)

What did you mean by a “preferred metric”?

A team’s preferred metric was the measurable indicator that the team believed was the most appropriate gauge of their initiative’s success. For example, if a team’s initiative attempted to increase knowledge about sun exposure, the team may have selected as their preferred metric the number of times their infographic was “shared” on Facebook.

What are 'objective measures' to show 'virulence and effectiveness' of the initiative?

Objective measures were meant to indicate that your initiative went “viral.” Likely measures could have included the number of hits, the number of shares, or the number of user posts related to the initiative.

To whom should we direct questions about the Public Health Social Media Challenge?

Non-media inquiries about the Challenge can be directed here. All media inquiries should be directed to Dan Strasbourg, Director of Media Relations at Canada Health Infoway – (416) 595-3424 or

I’m having problems with the site.

If you are having problems with the site, or have any other questions, please contact