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Alberta Health Services: e-Requests for Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) promotes wellness and provides health care to nearly four million Albertans, as well as to many residents of Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. With an aim to transform Alberta’s referral service, AHS streamlined a process for e-Requests for Services that standardizes and automates the referral process for those needing a hip or knee arthroplasty, breast cancer treatment, or lung cancer treatment.

The eReferral functionality was incorporated into the Alberta Netcare Portal in spring 2014. The solution offers a searchable health service catalogue that provides information on wait times enables real-time referral tracking and sends secure requests for consultation or advice.

The eReferral solution is improving access to care by reducing wait times and the number of incomplete or inappropriate referrals. The AHS team anticipates that these improvements will only get better as the final roll-out of the project is completed in October 2015.

Jackie Honey is one of six referral coordinators who send e-Requests for Services on behalf of the over 90 physicians at the Sherwood Park Strathcona County Patient Care Network. She has sent more hip/knee arthroplasty eReferrals than any other person in Alberta. “I just love it!” she says. “It’s easy to use, it’s in real time, you can see all the information and you don’t have to worry about the referral getting lost.”

Solution: Alberta eReferral
Provider: Alberta Health Services