Alexandra T.


Halifax, NS – A horrific year of post-op infection after post-op infection eight surgeries on a single knee, more than seven months in-and-out of hospital, three months follow-up V.O.N. care when nurses sat with me for two hours, twice a day, administering antibiotics intravenously, and hours of physio to restore lost muscle — that was 2012.

I’d reached a point that I could see stretching out in front of me a lifetime of ambulatory care and expensive medical procedures. I was mired in a sense of hopelessness.

Then I was introduced to Nova Scotia’s I.T. program for doctors and patients. Now I control my health care. I am a partner with my doctor, not just a patient. I can read my test results. I can manage my weight, blood pressure and B.M.I. online. I can track my medications and dosages. If I decide I have an issue that needs to be resolved with my physician, I can make that decision to consult her. And I look forward to the day when all my specialists can connect with me online: my dermatologist, optometrist, and physiotherapist.

From managing my health online, I turned to an exercise and nutrition plan. I feel 50 again. I’m healthier, stronger and confident of the future. And I’m determined to sail into my senior years in the best shape possible.

Could I have done it without the I.T. system? Maybe. But the new technology gave me the impetus to be master of my health.