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Alice T.

Toronto, ON – I’ve had many positive experiences where technology in the health care system have impacted me, and now, it is a very big part of how I choose my health professionals. From my GP, who I’ve had for many years, to my chiropractor, naturopath, and acupuncturist, the experiences have saved me time, anxiety and worry, confusion and travel.

While travelling for a two-month period earlier this year, I had unexplainable back pain one morning that turned into spasms and a trip to the hospital. Being away from home, from my ‘team’ of professionals, who I trust, I felt alone, scared, and unsure how to proceed. From online / phone advice from doctors, to emails back and forth, I was able to find comfort and answers, narrowing the miles between us.

Upon my return, continued ability to make appointments online, order supplements online, text message with my chiro to ensure I was on the right track to health and use social media with my osteopath and naturopath to ask simple questions, have all made the relationships with my health professionals more efficient, up-to-date, relevant, and convenient.

I’m glad to have had so many positive experiences to date, as the process takes up a lot of resources – both time and money – so this helps alleviate some of the hardships of losing physical independence during the recovery and healing process.