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Alim J

Toronto, ON – Public investments in digital health have provided me with a future, its provided me with an outlet for my passion, its provided me a career. McMaster University saw the future early on and leveraged these investments to create the Masters of Science in eHealth program. Combining IT, business, and healthcare, I was put through a rigorous program which forced me to operate outside my comfort zone. It paid off. I worked for eHealth Ontario’s Strategy & Business Planning team where I developed provincial strategies for various programs. I now apply my learning’s to the homecare sector at Saint Elizabeth, where I look for ways to apply digital health tools in the areas of corporate strategy, analytics and business development. Most recently I lead the creation of a framework which aims to create sustainable, measureable and most importantly, actionable Key Performance Indicators used to drive strategic decision making by harnessing the power of ‘Big Data’. A series of mobile tools were created for our senior team to view these results on the go. I have also been involved with numerous start-ups by finding new and innovative ways to leverage these public investments. Digital health is big, and it’s only getting bigger. I’m glad that public funding has had a direct impact on the trajectory of my career. I plan on being a though leader in this space, so one day I can dedicate my life to identifying new areas where public investment in digital health can be made.