Alison T

North Vancouver, BC – My career path has been a curvy one. It began at UBC with a degree in English Literature, ran happily through health administration and clinic management, took the scenic route of motherhood (three times!) dipped into clinic ownership and is now entering the exciting town of technology. It is public investment that provided the gasoline for this most recent turn towards software development. As an integrated health clinic owner, I could not find software suitable for my needs. I commissioned a local tech firm here in North Vancouver to build me a web-based system that would be capable of online booking, scheduling, and electronic charting. I entered this software for public funding through ImagineNation challenges and was blown away by its success. Fueled by both the financial reward and the public interest in digital health (evidenced by the very existence of ImagineNation), I partnered with my tech firm to expand our software. Christened “Jane,” our software is now a complete web-based clinic management program and is Beta testing in 4 clinics. Jane will be running clinics across Canada in September. I hope that this recent curve towards digital health will continue to be fuelled by public investment through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, eventually allowing me to commit to Jane full time. So how has public investment affected my Career? It has not only pointed me towards the creation of clinic management software, but also promises to propel me along a long and bright future in Digital Health.