Alycia W

Ottawa, ON – I joined the project in a ‘temporary role’ as the Communications Advisor supporting the electronic health record (EHR) program.  Epic is a major culture change and I was tasked with supporting the team with the early communications, developing key messages and creating a communications plan.   I can see a future at CHEO, building on the EHR experience and even defining my career path.  My focus is no longer short term communications solutions, but the long term plans and how we can redefine the CHEO culture when it comes to I.S. initiatives.  I have learned enough about the key players to develop the communications tools that resonate with our users.  I have the support needed to introduce new ideas and techniques our traditional communications toolkit. My background is in journalism.  I love meeting people – getting to know their stories.  I’m trained to take complicated ideas and simplify them for consumers.  Every day I draw on that and am growing professionally, personally and as a communicator. Collaboration is another skill I use – last fall, I was able to share our EHR experience with a hospital in Sweden and learn from their experiences. I am now a permanent member CHEO’s Epic team.  I am a better communicator because of an investment that CHEO made.  Embedding communications into the project was a new and innovative approach.  CHEO’s investment has built my skills, my confidence, my commitment and my desire to continue down a path of combined health care and technology communications.