Anne-Marie P

Ottawa, ON – Prior to joining CHEO, I was working for a small consulting firm as a management consultant specializing in change management.  Over the years, my passion for health grew stronger and I wanted to make a difference in the health sector.  Through serendipity, CHEO hired me as a business systems analyst to join their Epic EHR Project Team.  My experience in Change Management was seen as an advantage to help increase the buy-in and adoption of this new EHR. In addition to supporting the development of the application, I’m also responsible for the EHR Readiness and Adoption program in collaboration with those responsible for communications, training, physician engagement and benefits evaluation.   My first contribution was developing an Organizational Readiness Assessment, which helped identify the key factors and areas that would support or hinder the project from achieving its objectives.   As I was researching specific ideas about EHR Adoption, I stumbled upon the Pan Canadian Change Management Network and have since join as a member of the group. It is great to be connected with others who share similar interests and who are so willing to collaborate by sharing best practices and practical tools. This project is an amazing opportunity for me to help make a difference by bringing along those who will be most impacted by the change.  I look forward to the next steps in this project by further formalize the practice of change management within CHEO and to be able to contribute to the knowledge-base in EHR Adoption.