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Canadian Nurses Association

The Canadian Nurses Association and the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses are providing leadership in advancing the use of health information for quality improvement through the National Nursing Quality Report in Canada (NNQR-C) initiative. This truly innovative project is demonstrating the positive impact of information and communication technology at the clinical unit level and is transforming the way health care leaders have access to information to inform clinical and management decision making.  The need for standardized information to evaluate health care outcomes is imperative as health care reform continues across the country. The NNQR-C is addressing this imperative. It consists of a minimum set of input, process, and outcome indicators that are collected nationally across the continuum of care, are readily available through dashboard applications to healthcare institutions, and enable benchmarking of performance data. Health care organizations are able to examine relationships between their outcome indicators and variables such as nurse staffing, as well as data about the care provided by health professionals. The NNQR-C is significantly advancing the use of standardized health information for more timely, effective, and efficient decisions about the organization and delivery of patient care, specific to nursing. Currently in the pilot stage, the anticipated benefits for the health care system will be the improvement of clinical care management and more effective use of health care resources. Fifteen facilities across nine health care organizations from three provinces are participating in the implementation. Unit-level nurse staffing structural indicators, processes of care data, and nurse sensitive outcomes measures (ex. falls rate, incidence of pressure ulcers) from acute care, mental health, and long-term care settings are submitted electronically via the web on a quarterly basis. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is providing the infrastructure for the collection of the NNQR-C indicators through its Patient Safety Metrics System (PS Metrics). A standardized framework of indicators and common definitions enable nurse leaders from across the country to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers about best practices for addressing current health care challenges.