Betsy R

Ottawa, ON – CHEO has been my employer since 1984.  CHEO is filled with passionate and committed individuals all focused on the care of the children and youth in our community and a place where I have been continuously provided with great opportunities for professional growth and development. As technology advances, and with the investment in digital health, my professional opportunities have dramatically increased. I am currently an Epic Business Systems Analyst & principal trainer in I.S.  I lead and support our patient registration, demographics, ADT and patient scheduling applications, where significant steps towards an integrated EHR are well underway. I am fortunate to be part of the EHR journey, bringing significant safety, care and quality benefits to our patients. Technology advances have significantly enhanced my skill set, leadership and performance with education opportunities to achieve two Epic certifications and credentialed training.  I will use my skills to build the system requirements needed to educate and support the end users in developing and implementing knowledge based work flows. My involvement has increased my level of professionalism and efficiency and helped me acquire effective training strategies and set targets for excellence in registration to benefit efficiency and patient care.   As a highly motivated team member I have learned to recognize and appreciate the work of others, to create a new strategy for maximum output with minimum resources and to work in partnership  to ensure excellence in our registration practices  – better supporting safe care decisions and a sustainable system for patients and their families.