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Braun Perio

Dr. Edy Braun’s periodontic practice prides itself on being at the forefront of technology. Whether it is digital radiography, voice-recognition charting, video conferencing, or electronic records, technology has allowed Braun Periodontics to become more efficient in order to spend more time pursuing its true passion – caring for patients.

The e-Reports generated by Braun Periodontics’ electronic patient management system are shared securely through a web-based collaborative tool known as the eReferralService. The system allows multiple healthcare providers to join in by invitation on specific cases to share reports, images and collaborate online. The eReferralService tool allows the clinic to streamline the entire process from initial patient examination to treatment and reports. Dr. Braun’s patients have benefited from increased speed and efficiency in tracking treatment progress and peace of mind knowing their care providers are sharing information securely. Dr. Braun credits the system with significantly reducing treatment delays and errors.

Solution: eReferralService
Developer: Continovation