breathe: A Canadian Asthma App

For people living with asthma, managing their condition can be a constant struggle. In fact, of the 1.7 million people with asthma in Ontario, fewer than half have it under control. To help asthma patients better manage their condition, the Ontario Lung Association has developed breathe – a mobile app that helps people with asthma track their symptoms, triggers and medication usage, and provides them with an Action Plan generated by their doctor to help them stay in control of their asthma symptoms.

According to team leader Melanie Yeung, one of the critical success factors in developing the app was their multidisciplinary approach. The team comprised human factors specialists, technical specialists, health care professionals, and most importantly patients, to ensure the app provides meaningful support in an engaging and effective way, helping to increase the likelihood that users will adopt and use the app to manage their asthma.

Solution: breathe v1.0.x
Developer: Centre for Global eHealth Innovation in collaboration with Ontario Lung Association, University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University