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Brenda S

Pine Falls, MB – Years ago prior to my work as a nurse in the ehealth world, I retorted to all, there was no need for me to have a computer!   Years later, I work from a virtual office, led the telehealth deployment into northern First Nations communities in Manitoba, am involved with echart and now panorama.  Most of my work with ehealth has been to support and ensure we are reaching our First Nations communities.  The impact of digital health is far reaching and astounding.  But we have gaps and this submission will attempt to address those issues. Northern and rural communities continue to struggle to access care.  Quality connectivity is not available equitably across the country.  Broadband connectivity, cell phone services, webinar and support are lacking in many of our First Nations communities.  The results are inadequacies in training, poor connections resulting in cancellations of medical appointments. Access to ehealth can be difficult and may not fall into the existing “rules” of what can be done over the network. Human resources are stretched and limited. Communities are engaged and want to be “linked” to the rest of the world.  We need access to care as our counterparts have who live within the perimeter of the city.  We need it on a secure and consistent connection.  And we, as First Nations must determine and address our health needs in this ehealth world. As a nation we must address the inequities, we must strive for the equal access for ALL.