Brian Morris M.D.

Before implementing the Doctor Direct e-scheduling program, urologist Dr. Brian Morris’ assistant, Nectaria Mantzoros, would spend hours each day calling patients to confirm the next day’s appointments. Of the 30 patients she would call, she would be unable to reach about half of them, which meant she was never really sure of the next day’s schedule.

Today, Dr. Morris’ e-scheduler allows patients to book or cancel appointments online, which saves time for both the patients and Nectaria. Plus, the system also generates automated reminder calls, which reduces the number of missed appointments and cuts down on wasted time for both Dr. Morris and Nectaria.

For Nectaria, this type of innovation is inevitable: “We book our movie tickets online, order food online, and now we can book doctors’ appointments online. It’s a seamless progression of what we are experiencing all around us.”

Solution: Doctor Direct
Developer: DoctorDirect.com Inc.