British Columbia Provincial Renal Agency


On average, dialysis patients take 19 different medications, experience frequent medication changes and hospitalizations, and have a number of chronic conditions. To help clinicians manage these patients’ often complex medication requirements, the BC Provincial Renal Agency (BCRPA) developed their own patient records and outcomes management solution.

According to clinicians who use the tool, patients are often not sure of what medications they are taking, making it difficult to know they are taking their medications as they should. The BCPRA tool addresses this issue by providing reports that physicians can use to identify and resolve any discrepancies and indicate which medications should be continued, changed or discontinued. Users can also use the tool to print medication lists for patients, and create clinic medication orders that can go to community pharmacies once the reconciliation is complete. The result? Fewer medication errors and discrepancies, reduced duplication of medications and ultimately, better patient care.

Solution: PROMIS Version
Developer: Oracle/BC Provincial Renal Agency