CANADA HEALTH INFOWAY’S OUTCOMES CHALLENGE HELPS SPURR BUSINESS SUCCESS FOR HEALTH PROVIDERS AND THE CANADIAN PUBLIC! Click4Time won 1st place and a prize of $50,000 in the e Scheduling category of Canada Health Infoway’s recent $1,000,000 ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge.  In addition to 1st place, Click4Time was also the winner of the “Overall Award” in the $1,000,000 Challenge. CEO, Lance Shaler, said, “During the Challenge, Click4Time realized a 3,001% growth in the health sector. The Challenge helped us to keep focus on functionality important to patients, health providers and clinic owners while making provision for future interoperability with other e-Health solutions”.With up to 48% new business growth and 81% utilization by patients scheduling online, Click4Time’s online scheduling system has been a huge success for health providers, clinics and the Canadian public. The new business growth of 48%, realized in 10 months, was attributed to Click4Time’s integrated marketing software and the system’s overall ease of use.   Health care professionals using the system hailed it as a “must have” feature rich service helping to conveniently manage appointments and develop new business.  In today’s economy, the pressure of raising a family means juggling time between financial commitments, work, family needs and health. Everything must be squeezed into the 9 to 5 day!  There is little or no time for phone tag or waiting for call backs to schedule important health appointments.  As a result, health and personal care is often compromised. Liza’s family is no exception. She is a patient at Balance Acupuncture and Massage clinic in Vancouver, B.C.  The impact of being able to schedule her treatments online day or night in just a few seconds has been life changing. Liza said, “I am a busy mom with a full time job and a 3 year old son. My husband also works full time. I arrange my appointments and those of my busy husband and we often need to make last minute appointments.  Before Click4Time, the receptionist at my clinic and I would often exchange phone calls before we connected.  Then we would compare schedules until we found something that worked for me.  In the process, I sometimes was put on hold and felt pressured to make a decision.  Often I accepted a date & time that felt like a compromise and was left with a feeling of frustration.   Now, with Click4Time, I click on a date and see all of the available times for a whole week.  I click on the time I want and I’m done.  Usually the whole process takes less than 15 seconds.  I even get an email the day before my appointment as a reminder.  One of the best parts is I book my appointments in the evening when I have time to plan my days.  Now I’m in control.  It’s a dream.  I love it !!  Booking online is the only way to go”.  Feedback suggests Click4Time is on the right track, as illustrated in this 2 minute video interview with Sony Baron, RCC: