Caitlin C

Ottawa, ON – They’ve called me the Epic cheerleader at CHEO. It’s a title that I am happy to assume.  I joined CHEO two years ago as a Genetic Counsellor. I loved my job in genetics – I met with patients and families with high risk pregnancies and inherited heart conditions, to help them understand their situation.  Then last year, CHEO announced it would be moving to the Epic EHR. I had used Epic at the institution I worked at prior to CHEO, and loved it so much that I wanted to a be a part of the process.  I know that I did my job better when I did it with Epic, so it was an easy decision to get involved.  I left my traditional genetic counselling job and joined CHEO’s Epic team as the ‘Instructional Designer’ for the Beaker (Laboratory) Application.  I’m responsible for designing the training curriculum and materials used to educate lab staff.  I like the challenge the role offers and know that as CHEO uses more Epic applications, the program will get better and better.  It has been really interesting to be on both – first as an end user, then as a designer and teacher.   This was an unexpected career change, but a positive one.  I hope to remain involved after ‘Go-Live’ and find a way to balance my career in genetic counselling with my newfound Epic career.  It’s an exciting time  – CHEO is moving to an EHR and I’m thrilled to be part of it.