Canadian Blood Services – GiveBlood Mobile App

Canadian Blood Services is a trusted partner in healthcare; improving patient outcomes through the delivery of safe, relevant, quality products and services. Making blood donation as easy and convenient as possible is their commitment.

Canadian Blood Services GiveBlood mobile app was created to bridge access to appointment booking in the mobile space until the mobile friendly and responsive design website became available fall 2014. The app is designed to quickly and easily find a clinic and book an appointment and appointment reminders are automatically placed in the donor’s calendar.

The Canadian Blood Services used social media as well as traditional marketing efforts to create awareness about the new app. The marketing strategy to leverage social media was based on advocacy – a recipient family posting directly to the national CBS Facebook page under the ‘Give before you Go’ banner, illustrating the numerous adventures that their son had as a result of the generosity of blood donors. The campaign first and foremost was designed to drive blood donation by booking online appointments through the #GiveBlood mobile app. This was supported through tweets and Facebook posts about the blood recipients “summer adventures”, giving a personal touch to the outreach efforts. CBS ran a very successful campaign nearly quadrupled download targets on their mobile app and more than tripled appointments targets by the end of the campaign.

To learn more, visit Canadian Blood Services website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.