Cancer Surgery Alberta

Information is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. That’s one reason why Cancer Surgery Alberta’s WebSMR, a simple, standardized electronic tool for entering operative reports, has proven to be such a valuable tool for surgeons operating on patients with gynecological and breast cancer.

Using WebSMR, surgeons can enter information into report templates using simple drop-down menus, check boxes, radio buttons and limited text fields. This allows surgeons to input information immediately after an operation, and feel confident that the information is complete and correct.

One of the most important benefits of WebSMR is speed – instead of waiting weeks or months for transcribed surgical notes, clinicians involved in a patient’s care now have access to surgical reports within 24 hours. WebSMR can also serve as an important educational tool, providing surgeons with a data set to improve techniques or to identify areas in which continuing education and training may be required, which can help to improve overall cancer surgery patient care.

Solution: WebSMR
Developer: Softworks Group Incorporation