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Carol M.

Birch River, MB – I am a Caregiver for an intellectually and physically disabled person. This individual has multiple medical conditions. Prior to more advanced health information technology I gathered all the Medical Administration Records I had access to and designed an informational document which catoragized all medications this individual had been prescribed, their reactions, and the number of times they had to be discontinued. Some reactions to the medications was difficulty breathing which meant a trip to emergency. Not an easy task for myself, the individual, or hospital staff. I managed to obtain 10 years of Medical Administration Records. A copy was left with the family doctor and moved to the new family doctor. As new medications are prescribed the document is updated. When going into emergency a medical binder accompanies him. The attending doctor could make a decision on which medication to prescribe. Today, this binder still accompanies him to emergency. It is not rare to have 2 to 3 medical staff ‘weighing out the pros and the cons’ on a prescription with the information provided. For information on medications that are administered on a daily basis I am greatful for health information technology. I am also greatful for how quickly test results can be obtained.  In my belief, my fears for the individual’s life is lifted when a new medication is suggested due to health information technology. Problems can be resolved quickly.