Centre Médical Westmount Square


Westmount Square Medical Center’s vision is “to be recognized as a leader in client-centred health and well-being experiences in Canada.” They got one step closer to attaining this vision when they implemented an online scheduling system for their patients.

Since adopting the system, which gives patients quick access to schedule their own appointments online, the team has seen a significant culture shift, particularly with respect to the relationship between office staff and patients. As more tasks like scheduling appointments become computerized, office staff have more time to engage with patients, and are not interrupted as frequently by the telephone.

According to the clinic’s assistant manager Laure Creton-de-Limerville, communication was a key ingredient in the successful adoption of their solution – especially among those physicians and staff members who are used to a more traditional practice. “It was critical for them to map out who would be affected by the change, assess their degree of influence on the project’s success and communicate with each distinct group in a way that addresses their individual concerns and needs.”

Solution: DoctorDirect.com
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