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Champlain BASE: e-Reports of Services

From its beginnings as a proof of concept in 2010, the Champlain BASE (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation) eConsult service has used its secure, web-based platform to facilitate quick communication between primary care providers and specialists. By allowing providers to submit questions (i.e. e-Reports) to specialists electronically, the eConsult service is able to resolve over two-thirds of cases without sending patients for a face-to-face specialist visit –only 28% of eConsult cases now lead to an in-person referral. PCPs receive a reply in an average of two days, whereas traditional face-to-face consultations often take months to complete.

The service is now offered in 67 specialty groups, and has added an expanded service specifically for medically complex patients who see multiple care providers (e.g. patients with chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, or HIV). The eConsult service intends to continue to grow in order to help more primary care providers provide patients with better access to specialist advice.

Solution: BASE (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation) eConsult service
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