Community MD award recipient


Community MD: e-Requests for Prescription Renewal or Refill

At Community MD, a family clinic in Brampton, Ontario, the number one priority is their patients. By incorporating an online patient portal into their practice, they have taken action toward improved overall patient safety and satisfaction.

Recognizing the importance of embracing new healthcare technologies, Community MD implemented the miDASH solution, which assists them in improving the patient experience at their clinic. This technology allows patients to send secure online messages to their health care providers to request prescription renewals and refills, where before they would need to attend an in-clinic appointment to make these requests. This solution has improved the patient experience by noticeably reducing unnecessary appointments and allowing patients to make speedy and efficient requests with a click of a button, and at their convenience.

“This solution provides our patients with the capability of requesting prescription renewals or refills easily and conveniently from home.”

Solution: miDASH
Developer: Health Quality Innovation Collaborative