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Consult Conduit: e-Requests for Services

The Consult Conduit team uses a secure cloud-based e-Request for Services solution designed to support community-based family physicians. Using e-consultations with specialists, the physicians are able to refer to a network covering many specialties and sub-specialties from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

E-consultation requests are sent to clinicians in a trusted peer-network for non-acute patient-specific questions where a formal consultation is not required. This method of “referral triaging” reduces unnecessary travel and produces shorter wait times for patients.

Dr. Jacqueline Stoller, a Consult Conduit team member, explained, “Rather than waiting months for an appointment in [a specialist’s] office, I am able to communicate with them electronically for their advice. Often, I find that with their guidance and support, I am able to manage more cases on my own, which ultimately leads to better and more efficient patient care.”

Solution: Consult Conduit
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