Danielle T

Lethbridge, AB – I have learned to use a new electronic filing system which is called Secure File Transfer (SFT). Instead of my employer sending confidential and private investigations to me via mail or fax, they are sent electronically through a secure shared drive with files.  I have experienced how it improves the quality of client care and how it has connected me to my team. I can work in a timely and more efficient manner, with a click of a mouse. The faster I can obtain an investigation and follow up with a client, the better it is for them and the community at large. I get great satisfaction knowing this system can help me reach program target goals. SFT allows me to record and communicate nursing notes in a secure system. No more faxing or mailing clients’ most private information with the possibility it may get “lost.” I feel good that I can reduce the chance of a breach in confidentiality. SFT has allowed me to trend data which is significantly rewarding because I have used this current and credible data as a way of gaining acceptance into a First Nations community. Finally, I would like to emphasize how SFT has impacted my relationship with my team. Through the integration of SFT from pilot project to a live provincial health system, I was able to meet with various team members and colleagues creating a comradery that I never thought possible.  Meet digital health with enthusiasm. Don’t fear the unknown.