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Diane A.

Hornby, ON – My husband was hit by a drunk driver in the late 1980s. It left his leg disfigured, and many other problems. The internet has helped me help him. Being on so many medications, it is confusing to keep track off the possible interactions. I just type in the name and look for drug interactions. 2 years ago my husband was bit by a spider. I brought up different pics of spiders with him. We found out that it was a brown recluse-not normally in our area. We were able to get an antidote and he began to recover. I have also been able to find natural solutions to some of his problems.This information has helped avoid interactions, side effects and was crucial to helping help get my husbands health in order. Everyday I use it for health concerns. It is essential and has helped so much, I consider it one of my besties.