Diane L

Hamilton, ON – My career started in the 80’s as a Medical Radiation Technologist. I had the opportunity to move to Radiology Information Systems Administration in the early days of Health Information Technology(1996). It was then a natural progression for me to add PACS and Voice Recognition dictation/transcription to my portfolio which led to a role as Manager of DI Information systems at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton. In the early 90’s I spent some time on contract as an applications analyst for GE Healthcare Centricity PACS.  The next step for my career was in support of the Diagnostic Imaging Repository project for LHINs 3 & 4 in Ontario. My initial role as project manager led to my current role as General Manager of the DI-r Division of Mohawk Shared Services where my team supports the stakeholders in our region with adoption and change management. I also have an active role on the Infoway Standards Collaborative Working Group 10 for DI and the Infoway DI Jurisdictional Group.  When I started out as an X-ray tech many years ago I never dreamt that my career would advance in this direction. It was a world of manual registration and order management all on paper (no computers!) and X-ray film. Ultrasound, CT and MRI where still to come in the future. I am thankful for the many opportunities and the many great colleagues (and bosses) along the way who have mentored me and helped me to become successful. The future still holds many more exciting challenges.