Gord T.

Sudbury, ON – Dad lived in PEI.  We live in New Brunswick.  As his health failed we kept driving back and forth.  It was not going to work forever.  We heard about CareLink Advantage and installed it right away.  It is a technology developed to help caregivers allow their parents to age in place.

He loved PEI.  That is where he wanted to be.  So if we didn’t have CLA in place he wouldn’t have been able to be at home where he wanted to be.  So for dad to be able to die at home was amazing.  People do need to go into care at some point…but CLA allows them to be where they want to be for a lot longer…so it allows them to be happier in their own environment.  He wanted to just be in his home and live there…but still as a family we knew that he was safe and we could keep an eye on him from a distance.  It doesn’t replace somebody being there…but it certainly allowed us more hours away…because the CLA alerts would let us know if there was a problem.  Without CLA he would have had to go into care because there was no way we would have been able to care for him as long as we did.  To be able to say I can decide what is best for him…but also give him what he wants…to allow dad to stay and die in PEI where he loved to be… that was huge.