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Grace K.

Toronto, ON – Recently, in the midst of a theatre contract, I had an unexplained bout of syncope while on my way to work. Over the play’s run, thousands upon thousands of patrons make an evening out of their trip to the theatre and cancelling a show impacts local business as well as the theatre itself.  I spent the night in Emergency and the Rx was rest.  But the show must go on and I had to make sure this would not happen again. Determined to solve this medical mystery while convalescing, I reached out to myriad health professionals.  Luckily for me, digital health had progressed.

I booked an appointment with my naturopath online.  Due to its last minute nature, the appointment was nearly two weeks away.  I signed up for the e-wait list and was notified via email that there was a cancellation the next day.  I confirmed online and that was that.  My family doctor was also booked so I hopped online to search for nearby walk in clinics.  The clinic site included wait times for each location, updated every 20 minutes.  This meant I could minimize wait time, go when lines were small, and squeeze the most recuperation out of my day.  When I finally got in to see my doctor he was able to access my blood work and test results online from the hospital.  In a time when I needed to conserve time and steel my strength, these medical technology advancements were my saving grace.