Hamilton Public Health – Healthy Families Hamilton

The City of Hamilton Public Health Services works together with the community to assess, promote and protect health, and to prevent disease and injury.  Through the Healthy Families Hamilton Facebook page, Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians engage with the public by sharing live information and responding to questions about topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, child safety, growth and development, healthy eating, and perinatal mood disorders.

Healthy Families Hamilton used social media to increase the awareness of resources, programs and services of the Family Health Division and engaged in online conversations about health and well-being with parents of children aged 0-6, those planning a pregnancy, or currently pregnant in Hamilton. Their social media campaign was promoted through Facebook ads and posts, posters, postcards, word of mouth by staff at events and while delivering services (groups, classes, hospital visits). Additionally, the campaign was promoted through staff voicemail greetings and email signatures, on the City of Hamilton’s website, Twitter account and a media release. Their efforts led to a steady growth of “likes” on their page and an increase in engaged users. Their campaign proved that the effort and consideration put into building a strong social media presence is rewarding for both staff and their audience.

Healthy Families Hamilton