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Health Quality Innovation Collaborative

Public Investments and more specifically investments by Canada Infoway through the Canada Imagination Outcomes Challenge were the initial spark that spawned a series of innovative initiatives.  Back in December 2011, as a physician in a Family Health Team, I was very intrigued by the concept of giving our patients access to their health information to improve the quality of care and our office efficiency.  So we took up the challenge.  As the months progressed, we realized that once we had created the patient portal (, we could easily create a clinician dashboard (intelliDASH) and and an e-referral system (eRAVEN) through the same infrastructure.   This ecosystem has developed over the past 6-12 months to now include a robust communication platform that facilitates collaborative care between health care providers, patients and their families. This platform is now being guided by a newly created not for profit organization – Health Quality Innovation Collaborative.   I firmly believe that small investments to promote innovation such as the Canada Imagination Challenges by Canada Infoway have help seed a number of similar initiatives such as ours.  We have gone through a remarkable culture shift of recognizing the value of sharing, openness, sharing and collaboration in creating sustainable change in this age of networked intelligence.