Huron County Health Unit – Huron Beach Info

The Huron County Health Unit is one of 36 public health units in Ontario providing health promotion and disease prevention programs. They promote healthy infant and child development, reproductive, sexual and dental health services to the residents of Huron County and aim to prevent heart disease, cancer, substance abuse, injuries and tobacco use as well as protect the community from communicable and infectious diseases, and environmental hazards such as contaminated food and water.

The Huron Beach Info initiative, active between the months of May and August, aims to increase beach goers’ knowledge of beach water safety and of public health issues related to spending a day at the beach, including sun and food safety. As part of the Challenge, the Huron County Health Unit used twitter to reach out to their target audience. They targeted messages to media, local businesses, community members and tourists. Huron County Health Unit found that by limiting their Twitter content to only beach related topics, they could provide their audience with the exact content they were seeking. They believe this is what caused their audience to continue to grow, despite being inactive on the page for eight months of the year.