Integrated Hospital Laboratories Service of Windsor-Essex


According to Gale Brydon, team leader for the IHL Windsor-Essex team, which provides Laboratory services to three separate hospital sites, innovation means “someone thought outside the box to do something to make life a little easier.” The team believes their synoptic reporting system certainly fits the bill, and she hopes their participation in the Challenge will help other Laboratories to see how successful such a solution can be.

Before implementing their system, synoptic report templates were manually created, an extremely time consuming task. The synoptic reports required dictation by the Pathologist and then transcription; fields not required were then manually “cut away” to complete the synoptic report. Now, reports are entirely generated and efficiently completed by the Pathologist. The result? The patient has a more accurate, complete and succinct report sooner, which means better quality of care.

Solution: xPert Cancer
Developer: mTuitive